23 7 / 2014


Photo Courtesy: toxicsprinkles


Photo Courtesy: toxicsprinkles

23 7 / 2014

"Sesungguhnya, aku masih rindu"

22 7 / 2014


To everyone especially those affected by recent tragic events, stay strong.


To everyone especially those affected by recent tragic events, stay strong.

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19 7 / 2014

I don’t know how to react right now. I miss you. I miss you a lot. I really wish you did not go. I miss you so much. I miss you. I miss you. Omg, I crazily miss you. 

Please hold my hand once again while strolling in the unknown street in the city. Laugh with me, hug me, kiss my forehead, or… just stay. Just stay with me. That’s enough. That’s all that I need. I won’t ask for anything else. 

I miss you… Please stay…

14 7 / 2014


All of us are crazy in particular ways. The questions are: how crazy you are and how crazy your partner is. If this craziness is mutual, you may probably call it love and be crazy together. But of course, there is no such thing as a perfect couple. Everyone will be a little wrong for us, and it is in complete common sense if you feel several mismatch and incompatibility with your partner. Tips: do not give up for just a silly small little difference that actually does not matter. 


There will always be some information about your partner that you do not know. And this knowledge will not be available via a standard everyday chat. We have different dark sides that we are trying so hard to hide. My advice is: DO NOT forced them to speak it up. If they feel comfortable enough with you, they will eventually say it. Instead, what you could do is to be that person who will accept and love the imperfections of your lover.


You may encounter some people who undeniably perfect for you. Yet, in the end, you decided to stay away from them. And why is that?

It is not in any way lies on their fault. But, we, human, are not used to of accepting happiness. The rightness is too unfamiliar, almost feel like an alien. In the end, we head to the people who is much more similar to us. Simply because we could predict the way they could frustrate us later. Left the right ones because they feel so wronged is the easiest and costliest mistakes in love.


Back to work.  

14 7 / 2014

"Whoa, slow down a bit ty. Relax."

A friend

09 7 / 2014

It’s half past 11 at night here in I-do-not-know-where. I am in the middle of my journey to Gold Coast from Sydney using the NSW trainlink services. I just woke up 30 minutes ago, saw the love of my life sleeping so peacefully beside me. Both of his hands were under his thighs, he probably getting cold from the winter weather here, yet he always give me his jacket everytime I say that i feel cold. I gave him back his jacket carefully, scared to wake him up.

And here I am, wide awake. I shouldn’t use my phone, I know. Both of our batteries are running out, and so does our powerbanks. Stupid us. We will need some more batteries later to find where will we stay in surfers paradise in Gold Coast. The thing is, I just couldn’t help but tumblring right now.

It is his third week in Oz. I couldn’t believe how quick time goes by when I am with him. We’ve been exploring some part of Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania. And this journey to gold coast will be my favorite. Why wouldn’t it? We’re going to the Movie World! Theme park never fail to fascinate me. And of course, the summer-like weather in Queensland will be much much better than stupid-Melbourne-weather. Look at those 20 degree forecast, oh, so gonna love playing at the beautiful beaches which Gold Coast is famous for.

This will be a perfect remedy after my sadness of federer-lost-in-wimbledon, brazil-out-of-the-world-cup-game, and the down-arrow-button-in-my-60d-did-not-seem-to-work-anymore. Lots of misfortune happened. Fiuh. 

The last one probably because I forced it to took pictures when it was pouring hard in Phillip Island. But I was dying to catch the pictures of the penguin parade! Oh, and did I got the photo? Nope. Seriously, it was incredibly hard, it was pitch black, the penguin color is black, manual focus couldn’t work either because i couldn’t see the view-finder. It is forbidden to take pictures of the penguin parade, and seeing my camera from view-finder would be much too obvious to prove that i tried to take picts and the guards were everywhere!! :’(

Lots of stories to be shared, I dont know how to start it. We broke our monopod when playing with the snows a week ago, but i’ll save that story for later. Just want to tell you, that there will be no more cute selfie-time since that.

I think i am gonna call it the end for now, need to turn my phone off again.

Talk to you later, D!

ps: this is the perfect time to listening to John Mayer - Stop This Train. This song always got me thinking about life. Oh, and please, forgive my grammar mistakes, writing without backspace is difficult!

08 7 / 2014

"Oh, trust me. It is gonna get harder. Like really, really hard, you’re thinking about giving up. But don’t. It will get better eventually after you finish dealing with those hard stuffs first."

Old Friend

03 7 / 2014

"Nothing in Islam happens without Nia (intent of the doer) and is valid without Ikhlass (sincerity of intent)"

03 7 / 2014

"I would love to be an expert in understanding how social problems such as poverty, lack of access to adequate healthcare or justice in post-conflict societies are resolved in sustainable ways."