19 9 / 2014

My friend tagged me with the challenge to share #20factsaboutme in instagram. But i dont want to ruin my instagram account with my stupid selfie face. So am thinking to writing it instead in the tumblr, and here they are:

1. Writing is my remedy since childhood. It doesn’t mean to blabbering in blog, sometimes i post a part of lyrics in social media, status in twitter, or even repath a good words as part of my curcol.

2. I love music with good lyrics because i am such a huge suckers of beautiful words. I think that’s what makes musician musician. I believe that they want to say and share something to the world through music. Because of this reason, even though I hate rap genre, but I am head over heels in love with Eminem!

3. … And my favourite author is the one with the most beautiful-yet-kinky-words-and-that-makes-his-novel-very-unique: Haruki Murakami and I am about to collect all of his novels! That being said, at the very end of the day, I don’t really like readings. Maybe because I am more of a visual person, I enjoy moving image better. 

4. Twenty three is my lucky number and my favourite month is June. And one of my bestest friend is born in 23rd of June! <3 

5. I love having busy times for one certain period. But afterwards, i demand one week break. Break as in doing nothing and do-not-bother-me and leave-me-alone.

6. … Yet I am always looking for an opportunity to take some office hours during my study. Until this day, I had worked to 5 different companies. Which makes it not easy to have my me-time. 

7. I consider myself to have a good time management skills. I do not want to be judgemental, but I can see some people do wasting their time and money for nothing.

8. I am currently pursuing my second master degree. But people find it hard to believe that. Indonesian think, I am taking my diploma here. Foreigner thinks I am a junior-high-school student. &^@*&^$*&^(#))(_!!!

9. I hate my eye bags. Seriously hate it. I need 7 hours of sleep a day to make my next day productive, yet every time i have less sleeping hours, my eye bags keep on getting bigger! 

10. I love my insecure, lack-of-self-esteem-and-i-dont-know-why, geeky boyfriend so much. Cannot wait to come back home and stop this stupid long-distance-relationship thingy.

11. One not-so-leo person. My pride is the only thing that resembles me so much with Leo people. And nope, i don’t like gold.

12. In her way to become a social entrepreneur! (and a good wife for Mr. Asmawarman)

13. I love simple photography and a big fan of instagram. That is why I changed my DSLR camera into a mirrorless. And that is one of the greatest decision I have ever made! My Panasonic GX7 is so damn good! 

14. Suddenly interested to learn more about make-up after reading that people take more respect to the person who care about how they look. 

15. My dream is to watch Hyde, Bon Jovi, Adam Levine, and Justin Timberlake live performance. Nailed two out of four!

16.  Family matters the most is one of my principal. I am the kind of person who choose family dinner over friends’ reunion. 

17. I hate taking selfie alone but I love having selfie with my friends <3

18. Choose to waste her money on travelling than shopping. Even though lately i do shopping quite a lot, i am about to plan a solo travelling around victoria~! Cant wait!

19. Winter hater. I love using my coat and ankle boots, but… deep inside i am a summer person! I am a sun admirer and even have a thing with sunflower that resembles the sun so much! I love strolling around beaches  using my shorts, oversized t-shirt, sunglasses, and birkies (yet it is finally broken after being used for 4 years, currently looking for a new pair).

20. IMO, cats and children are the two cutest creatures ever! I cannot stop go “aw~” every time i see them doing stupid thing <3

I am not tagging anyone, as I believe it will only make them feel obligated to do this. Well.

Off for now!

15 9 / 2014

I am not brave enough to go outside Australia at the moment, or even leaving the state of Victoria. But, still, I am seriously considering to go travelling alone. And as spring break is approaching, I will make a little plan for my sweet escape. I still have no idea whether I can really make it or not, but hey, planning a travel is always a good time (for me)! Basically I will have 5 days holiday, I couldn’t do wednesday and thursday as I have to work.

Here are the top of my lists:

1. Ballarat - Gold mining, hug a wombat, and dress yourself with country style kind of fashion. Perfect for hunting pictures!

2. Yarra Valley and Puffing Billy in Dandenong. Steam railway. Nuff said. 

3. Tesselaar tulip festival. Mom’s favourite flower. Of course will take lots of photos of that!

4. Mornington Peninsula. To the lavender maze we go!

5. Last, but not least, am thinking of going hiking to grampians alone! Challenging, scary, yet I believe it’d be very exciting! 

Thinking of going on tour for grampians and yarra valley, but the other three are approachable with public transport. Hope my ‘mager-ness’ will not stand in the way! *finger-crossed* 

07 9 / 2014

"Analisa gw yah: You think you care too much it hurts you. Then you try to pretend not to care anymore. You create a mindset that you don’t care. And… bam! You really don’t care."

dan komentar saya cuma: “nah lho.”

07 9 / 2014

25 8 / 2014

If you don’t know, then you can’t care. And you show up, but you’re not there. But i am waiting and you want to, still afraid that you will desert me.

Everyday with ever worthless word we get more far away. The distance between us makes it so hard to stay…

25 8 / 2014

"Jealousy does turn a saint like you into the sea." he said.

"Well, I never thought myself as a saint in the first place."

Maybe my doubt is our traitor, as you - or whoever that wise man - said. I am not sure either what happened to me, to us. Probably getting sick with all this never-ending-business and these stupid miles. That being said, I am not totally giving up, you know? While at the same time, I don’t really feel like fighting for us as well. 

The saddest part is when you said you need me, and I stubbornly wanted to be left alone. I regretted that part of me being such a cruel and selfish girlfriend. Sorry.

I hope you have a good night sleep for now, I know lately you stayed wide-awake because of me. There will soon come a time when I need to face you and talk my heart out. Or not soon. I don’t know. Need to be mentally prepared to see you again.

Off for now. 

23 8 / 2014

Well, things do get harder and harder. ( ._.)/|

21 8 / 2014

21 8 / 2014

Jarak dan Diam

  • 1: "Cinta khan gak cuma diam."
  • 2: "Apalagi kalau ada jarak."
  • 1: "..."
  • 2: "..."
  • 1: "Susah yah."
  • 2: "Susah jadi kita? Iya."
  • 1: "... udah ah."



19 8 / 2014

"Move-on lah."